MATER TERRA Handmade Leather Sandals is a Greek family-owned business with a long history of more than 100 years. Since 1916, we have been manufacturing authentic Greek leather sandals according to modern standards of fashion trends. For more than a century, we continue to preserve our long history with our handcrafted leather sandals of utmost quality. Until today we are located in the same workshop, near the ancient Acropolis and under the famous Mosque in Monastiraki Square, at Pandrosou street the historic district of Athens.



The distinct smell of leather and the reference to the ancient Greek aesthetics have been attractive for many decades to thousands of people all over the world who search for the MATER TERRA Greek Handmade Leather Sandals and visit our workshop. Today our Brand is available online and has a worldwide delivery range.



MATER TERRA provides to its clientele a constant and stylish collection of top quality leather sandals at fair prices.